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"Why be Racist", you might ask. The most reason for being racist is kind of complicated, but can still be explained. First let me tell you in order of.

  • Music
  • Jokes
  • Life
  • Color

First music. We all listen to stuff like Rap, Metal, Country, and other stuff. But have you ever really listen to the lyrics on Rap, the black music. Almost all of it is Racist! A sample that gets me mad is "Kill the whitey hahaha, kill the whitey we are going to make them pay!" But their money and fame comes 80% on white people buying their C.D's! White music that is Racist doesn't even come half the way rap does against us. So that makes one reason to be Racist. Dislike them because they dislike us.

Next, jokes. Have you ever wondered why that there is so many racial jokes against non-white people, but hardly any against us. Well that’s obviously Racism. But it is not even close to making us bad. Compare to the REAL LIFE hate towards us.

Also on life. White people get treated like garbage more than other cultures. You will hear every time when a white guy beats up another cultured person, it is called Racism. But if a non-white person beats up a white guy, it is almost never called Racism. I heard stories about a white guy in a black town that looked out his window. To his surprise he got a brick in the face for being white. One time a white teenage girl walked town a Mexican road and got raped and murdered. Excuse: White, and hot. Blacks have also told white people stuff like your turn on the back of the bus, and your turn to clean my shoes. What is that going to prove? Something that happened about 300 years ago, white ancestors may have slaved black ancestors, but it is present day, why take revenge on the present day white people.

Last on color. Every body on race gets mad at each other. It is not just white people against everybody. In Africa, they will judge each other on tribes. Both black but don’t have the same tribe, so one didn't sell the other something. Gangs hate each other same race or not. Just because white people chose to make their racial-confrontation doesn't make them evil terrorist. So this is mainly the reason why white people are racist. We are just organized though.