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Dimebag: True story

The reason why this mad man shot Darrel was because Darrel, and his brother Vinnie { X Pantera }, broke up with Pantera. And this mad man loved pantera a little to much. He got so angry about the break up of Pantera that he went to thier concert in Ohio, went through an unlocked back door to the stage, and shot Darrel 4 times. Once in the back then he got Darrel in a head lock and shot him in the head 3 times. People thought that it was just a play, some people didn't even know what was going on, and a few knew. Until Vinnie, Darrel's brother went on the microphone and yelled "somebody dial 911 this is not a joke!" Security then rushed tha band off stage and got Vinne in a locker room. Vinnie was shocked in their; he grabed a knife after he heard more gun shots, and got ready for this freak if he came after him. Meanwhile a fan tryed to get the man down- then he got shot. Then the mad man got a hostage and shot another person: Pantera's first security guard that went with Damageplan. Attempted to shoot at the crowd until another  police officer shot the suspect with a shot gun. Lucky for Vinnie, he was next on that mad mans list. But after that they did find a bullet hole in Vinnie's drum set.